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Photographers know that when the perfect shot presents itself, it can be gone in a split second, never to be captured again. It’s important for photographers to know how to capture that perfect shot with a split second’s notice in order to get the results they are after.

First, photographers should know how their camera, lens, and other accessories operate without having to move the camera from their eye. Certain adjustments, such as aperture and shutter speed, can be made with a simple flip of the finger or press of the button. Read the rest of this entry »



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Photography is all about the perfect set up. If you want to improve your picture quality, read on for ten ways to set up for an outstanding picture.

1. Assign a full room to your photography. Do not try to squeeze your set up into a small area.

2. Paint the room white or another light color to keep photos consistent when using flash.

3. Buy a quality backdrop. The initial expense is nothing compared to the improvement it will make to your work.

4. The light you should use depends on what Read the rest of this entry »



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Anyone can snap a lovely picture of a flower or landscape, but capturing action effectively on film is a skill. Follow these tips to get great action shots every time.

1. Give the subject space.

The best composition for fast-moving subjects gives them space to move. If your subject is jumping, for example, to their left, leave more space in that direction. It will make the viewer more comfortable because he or she can see the entire action.

2. Shoot JPEG.

JPEG files are not as big as RAW files, so most cameras can capture more frames per second Read the rest of this entry »



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Photography, much like any art form, is something best understood and mastered through trial and error. You can take all the classes you want but, at the end of the day, it’s all about self-expression and which scenes you want to capture.

Listed below are a few tips to help you find your style:

1.) Shop around for a camera. Cameras used for art can vary and you want to find one that gives you the most options. The more control you have over your camera, the more freedom you have to frame up a scene and capture it just as you like.

2.) See what works for the masters. Visit an art gallery featuring acclaimed photography or take out a book from the library. If you have the internet, there are plenty of things you can research. There’s this great art documentary called Art21 and if you have service, you should check it out.

3.) Take lots and lots of pictures. Might not sound like the most economical step given how expensive film can be, but it’s the only way you learn. You think Ancel Adams took one photo of a mountain and that was it? No! He took several and sifted through them all to find THE picture.



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Nature is varied, colorful and exhilarating. Even in most urban areas, you can find natural settings to inspire you. A forest, a park or a pond can be exciting, if you are prepared to change your point of view.

Your camera may be your most important tool, but you’ll also need a plastic tarp, for when you lie down on those damp areas, a small step ladder, to give you a little bit of elevation and a tripod. Get up close and personal. An extreme close up on a lady bug or Read the rest of this entry »



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While it’s true that a talented painter could make use of cheap brushes to produce a great work, it’s also true that the same painter with the same skills but better materials could create much better art. The same is true of photographers. While getting great shots with a disposable is possible for the professional, having the right gear can turn a good shot into a great one.

The list of equipment is a long one, including Read the rest of this entry »



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A camera is a tool that captures images, but it is also one that can tell stories. Portrait photography specifically allows the artist to capture intimate images that tell the viewer something about the subject beyond just physical characteristics. When done well, portraits can show the subject’s spirit, personality and character.

Whenever possible, ask your subjects for permission before photographing them. Some cultures have taboos regarding photography, and some people just simply do not like being captured on film. Ask kindly once, and if they refuse, look for a different subject. If Read the rest of this entry »



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Many believe that a picture is a picture is a picture. Others believe that while a painter is an artist, a photographer is merely a technician. However, many photographers are artists who use the photographic medium as their means to the expression of their art.

True, almost anyone can take a picture. A picture will have value because of the subject matter, when it was taken and the memories it evokes. However, a photograph can be so much more.

Composition takes a photograph from the ordinary to the extraordinary and Read the rest of this entry »



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With photography, the average person can be moderately successful simply by having a good eye for what would make an artistic photo. However, if you are thinking about taking your photography to the next level, it’s time to figure out what camera might improve your picture quality. The right camera can largely depend on what your photography consists of. If you prefer close-up shots,, you would be better off with a camera with good macro capabilities. If you prefer landscapes, you may want to consider a camera that allows you to take panoramic pictures. On the other hand, if you don’t have a preference, you can also find cameras with interchangeable lenses for different functions. As with much technology, camera cost is linked with quality in most cases. The more you are willing to spend on a camera, the more likely it is that you will be able to have a camera that produces higher quality pictures. Your ideal camera is also dependent on what media you prefer. Many find that digital cameras are easier to use, however others prefer developing their own photos on film. With either media, you can achieve high quality photos. While it is easy to pick up a cheap digital or disposable camera from a convenience store, if you are serious about photography, it may be time to look into something with better quality. The right camera is often the first step to taking your pictures to the next level.